Membership Agreement

2022 CSA Membership Agreement

By purchasing a CSA share, I agree to accept the risks and rewards inherent to farming and understand that this is an investment in local farming and local soil. I understand that Kingfisher Farm will work in good faith and by dint of hard labor and financial investment to produce the best possible crop using exclusively organic, soil-regenerative, sustainable growing methods.  I also understand that crops may be damaged by natural forces beyond the farmer’s control, and that my share may be affected by such damage.

I understand that my share will be available weekly (for full shares) and bi-weekly (for half shares) over an 16-week period beginning in early June and continuing through late October. I agree to abide by the guidelines specific to the pick-up location I have chosen. I understand that the price I pay for my share is an investment in the farm’s operating budget, and that it cannot be refunded after July 1. I have read the CSA refund policy below, and I accept it.

I understand that the weekly email update is the farm’s primary vehicle for communicating with its members.  I will be provided a calendar of all pickup dates and will inform the farm if I am unable to make a pickup date in order to make other arrangements.

Please send any questions or comments to In most cases, I will be able to respond within 24 hours. For immediate assistance, call or text my cell at 315-790-0328.

Refunds & Cancellations:  If you cancel your CSA membership before July 1, we will refund $20 for each week remaining in the CSA season as of your cancellation date. Share prices cannot be refunded after July 1.  (We truly do rely on CSA funds to operate the farm and get us through to where farmer’s market income is starting to pay the bills, and we know you are on board, and cannot thank you enough, but do need to make this piece clear.  Thanks!).